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Help when learning is hard

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Learning isn't meant to be so hard!

I’m Samantha Hornery and I help parents get the right help for their children when learning is hard at school.

I’ve dedicated my whole career to teaching children and teenagers impacted by difficulties learning and in doing so have helped so many children.

My approach is to look for the missing pieces in a child’s learning, through assessment and listening really carefully – before preparing a battle plan for success through or around those learning difficulties. It doesn’t matter how many children I’ve helped, everyone’s path is a little different!

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Help available

Individual Tutoring


Weekly tutoring sessions of one-hour duration can be booked with Samantha.  These sessions are personalized for the specific learning needs of your child.


Weekly sessions cost $85 per hour during school terms in Sydney’s south.

These sessions are available face-to-face or online using Zoom video conferencing.




Samantha can conduct a comprehensive academic assessment considering the key areas of literacy and numeracy. The final report will provide you with relevant information about your child’s academic functioning, areas for additional assessment, and strategies for intervention. 

The cost of this up to 2 hour assessment is $395 and is conducted in Sydney’s south on Saturday afternoons.


Consultancy Advice


Sam can review previous assessments and interventions, discuss your current pain points and offer advice about the next steps and types of supports to try.


Consultancy rates are $210 for the first hour and $110 for each hour thereafter.


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I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam has been a godsend to us not only did she greatly improve our daughters academic levels she also helped to increase her self confidence.

A. Reynolds

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Sam gave my daughter the tools of how to organise her life, setting guidelines, responsibilities and being totally accountable for her efforts throughout. We ow so much to Sam who provided a safe haven for our daughter where she grew and thrived within her environment.

C. Jasmin

I truly believe that if we had not met Sam at the time that we did, things would have worked out very differently. As a parent of a child with learning difficulties I was to the point of being so frustrated. I will always be eternally grateful to her.

A. Johnston

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